Updates and Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial whether it is meant for your garden, your car or your website. A successful website requires regular maintenance so that it can load faster and smoother. Maintaining a website helps in fulfilling the requirements of your visitors so that they won’t be faced with any hassles while browsing through the website.

Websites are also vulnerable to be attacked by malware, computer worms, Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and other intrusive software and intentionally harmful programs. In fact, website hacking is a common issue as websites are hacked on a daily basis. This is why your website needs proper maintenance to clear out any malicious programs. A hacked website ruins and tarnishes your online reputation as well as your brand image. You will lose the trust of your customers as the hackers can get away with your customer’s important data. This means your customers will likely lose interest in making any transaction with your company and this will lead to low sales which is bad for your company’s growth.

Thus, it is important to find out the way to prevent such from happening, by regularly maintaining your website. Again, hackers breach online systems by installing malware. Once Google detects that your website has been infected with some malware, it will blacklist that website straight away. This will eventually affect your website ranking and your overall brand image.

Another important reason why you must regularly maintain your website is to keep your visitors coming back which also helps in gaining new consumers. If your website is not regularly updated, it will be hard to generate leads as visitors will not bother to return. This is because they would need the latest and current information and/or resources to return back and check out your content. Hence, it is crucial that you add fresh new content on a regular basis to your website. It is not good having content on your website without regularly maintaining it. At SwiftDone, we will take care of content publishing. You just provide us with the content you want to be changed and will take care of the rest.

The best maintenance of a website is beyond just managing the website with existing tools and technologies, it is something that considers the website’s future aspects. Modern website maintenance is a subscription service that offers backups to the website, implements security measures, and upgrade/updates the software that the website runs on.

Website Updates

o ensure the safety and security of your website, your website must be up-to-date all the time. Every day, new malware and viruses are created to exploit the various loopholes of website design. Website update services help you to protect your website from unauthorized access by patching the security loopholes.

SwiftDone provides the best website update services to keep your website safe and secure. We detect security vulnerabilities and loopholes so that a major disaster can be averted. Your business may suffer from a huge loss if hackers exploit the vulnerabilities. Even with the best website design, security vulnerabilities can’t be prevented and the best solution is to update the website regularly to patch the loopholes

Webmaster Service

The webmaster is also a subscription service that always stays up to date with new technologies and is meant for improving the core features of a website. To give a different look and appealing feel to your website, earn more traffics, leads and clicks, your webmaster has to stay current and active. These services implement these technical updates timely, meaning they will not interrupt your website’s current functioning.

At SwiftDone, our procedure of website maintenance ensures the quality and smooth running of websites. Our team will check whether or not your website is in conformance with web master’s standards and guidelines given by the search engines. Feel free to contact our team of experts at SwiftDone for your website maintenance service, so that your website can run smoothly as well as perform better for business growth.

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